Pre-trial settlement, representation in court and arbitration

The main objectives of the pre-trial procedure are to promote the peaceful settlement of disputes and the development of partnerships. In many categories of disputes, compliance with this procedure is mandatory.
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In which cases does the law provide for a pre-trial dispute settlement procedure:

  • On disputes over the price of services for the transfer of thermal energy, coolant;
    Disputes on the provision of communication services, including postal Disputes on termination of the bank account agreement
  • In disputes involving consumers of financial services who make property claims against financial organizations that have provided them with financial services, as well as claims arising from violations by the insurer of the procedure for insurance compensation established by the Law on CTP
  • Disputes on the assignment of insurance security, including regarding the amount of insurance security, or on the refusal to assign security for insurance against industrial accidents and occupational diseases
  • Disputes on the amendment of the commercial concession agreement;
    On disputes about violation of exclusive rights;
    In disputes on the early termination of legal protection of a trademark due to its non-use continuously for 3 years
  • For disputes on the conclusion of a mandatory contract, on the amendment or termination of the contract;

    Disputes on the conclusion of a state or municipal contract;

    Disputes on the conclusion of a contract for the supply of goods for state or municipal needs

  • For disputes on termination of a lease agreement, rental, rental of vehicles, lease of buildings and structures, lease of enterprises, financial lease;
    Disputes on termination of the contract of carriage of cargo, passenger, baggage, as well as compensation for damage caused during the carriage of passengers and baggage
  • For disputes arising from the following contracts of cargo or air transportation of mail, railway transportation of cargo, cargo baggage, empty freight car, transportation of cargo by road, transportation of cargo by sea, transportation of passenger, baggage, cargo or towing of a towed object by inland waterway, transport expedition related to business activities
  • In disputes on the implementation of insurance compensation under the contract of compulsory insurance of civil liability of vehicle owners (CTP), on compensation by the insurer who insured the civil liability of the person who caused the damage, on account of insurance compensation for damage reimbursed by the insurer who made direct compensation for losses, on compensation payments for CTP

In which cases is a pre-trial dispute settlement procedure required

  • In arbitration proceedings, this procedure is mandatory: for disputes arising from civil legal relations, in cases provided for by federal law or contract; for disputes arising from administrative and other public legal relations, only in cases provided for by federal law.
  • In civil proceedings, the pre-trial dispute settlement procedure is mandatory only in cases provided for by federal law.

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