Legal support of various transactions, including real estate

Consultation with a professional lawyer who will provide all the necessary information about how the procedure is carried out and what its features are. He will identify any risks in each individual case, conduct the necessary verification and ensure that the customer is fully oriented in his legal field.
You can personally verify the competence of the company's employees by contacting one of our professionals and clarifying your questions.
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Transaction support includes:

Investigation of the legal purity of the object's history and observance of the rights of the current owner
Legal assessment of the situation (no restrictions on the transaction)
Analysis of submitted documents, as well as receipt/restoration of missing documents
Direct participation in negotiations (clarifying the characteristics of the object, clarifying the goals and other aspects of the transaction)
Verification of the legality of the transaction procedure itself. To confirm or deny the compliance of all the circumstances of this difficult procedure
Development of the most convenient transaction payment scheme for the client. Registration of the transfer of rights in the Federal Register

Legal support of the transaction is conditionally divided into two stages:

The first is the verification of identity documents and are able to prove that the seller has the right to sell or lease the property you have chosen. If square meters are sold by proxy, its authenticity should be accurately established, since it often happens that several owners claim one apartment at once, but only one has a power of attorney, or the principal has already died.
The second stage is to check the "legal purity" of the transaction, that is, a study that allows you to determine that the buyer will not have any legal problems if he buys this property. After all, it often happens that completed transactions are then terminated through the court, and if the seller loses almost nothing in most cases, then the buyer's losses always remain very significant.

The stages of our interaction

Your message to us with a description of the issue
Opening hours: Mon - Fri. 09:00-18:00
Assignment of a legal consultant to you by the secretary of the expert department.
The specialist determines the form of necessary assistance and advice on the issue you are interested in.
Conclusion of the contract and provision of the service within the agreed time frame.

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