The whole range of relations related to the financial and economic activities of the company

A thorough analysis of the financial and economic condition of the enterprise is one of the components of commercial success. The analysis of activities allows you to assess the current position of the company, take into account risks and favorable factors, and make an adequate forecast for the future.
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What are the financial risks:

  • Credit risk
    If it occurs, the company will not be able to fulfill its obligations to customers and partners on time and in full. For example, it will not be able to supply the required amount of rubber for the manufacture of tires on time. Because of this, penalties, fines, penalties and other troubles may appear.
  • Liquidity risk

    Simply put, this is a loss of solvency, an inability to fulfill their current obligations. For example, a bank may sell part of its assets at an unfavorable price in order to try to fulfill its obligations. It's impossible to predict everything. But it is possible to analyze the possibility of financial risks of the company.

  • Operational risks
    Most often, such risks are associated with business processes within the company. For example, the server could not withstand the load and "lay down". Customers cannot buy anything on the site, the company does not receive profit. The same risks include fraud within the company or from the outside. For example, if the bank leaked personal data due to the fault of the manager or the security system was hacked, this will also be considered an operational risk.
  • Market risks

    If the market situation changes dramatically for the worse, then the business will have to rebuild. For example, fluctuations in the value of a currency are also a market risk. If a company buys raw materials abroad, then an increase in the euro or dollar exchange rate will undermine the company's budget.

Financial and economic analysis of the enterprise: a step-by-step method

  • Drawing up a work plan, clarifying the objects and the period of analysis
  • Comparison of the results of the reporting and base period. Identification of the factors that influenced the result
  • Development of a system of indicators.
    Collecting information
  • Identification of performance improvement reserves. Evaluation of work results, development of activities

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