Protection of intellectual property and personal data

Industrial property is a set of legal norms regulating relations arising in connection with the creation and use of IP objects.
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Intellectual property

  • Legal audit and assessment
    of the security of intangible assets
  • The fight against counterfeit products: administrative and criminal procedure
  • Development of contracts and local acts of the company in the field of intellectual property
  • Registration of the results
    of intellectual activity
  • Representation of interests in Rospatent, the Intellectual Property Rights Court
  • Renewal/cancellation
    of trademarks/patents

Solving any issues:

  • Realty:
    • Examination and preparation of lease agreements
    • Transaction support
    • Settlement of disputes with real estate objects
  • Corporate relations:
    • Registration, reorganization, liquidation of companies
    • Corporate disputes and documents
  • Employment relations:
    • Registration and dismissal of employees
    • Preparation of local acts
    • Support of labor disputes and GIT inspections
  • Tax relations:
    • Interaction with the Federal Tax Service
    • Receiving tax benefits
    • Consultations on tax law
  • Intellectual property:
    • Registration of trademarks and other objects in Rospatent
    • Transfer and protection of rights

The stages of our interaction

Your message to us with a description of the issue
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Assignment of a legal consultant to you by the secretary of the expert department.
The specialist determines the form of necessary assistance and advice on the issue you are interested in.
Conclusion of the contract and provision of the service within the agreed time frame.

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