Government support for business: consultations, assistance in obtaining

You're in business, and you don't have time to read hundreds of pages of constantly changing government support documents and follow contests. And your competitors may have already received a subsidy, a preferential loan, or a tax break.
You can personally verify the competence of the company's employees by contacting one of our professionals and clarifying your questions.
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Consulting on government support measures includes the following steps:

  • Preparation: studying the questionnaire
    of your company
  • Preparation: study of regional support
    measures for your region
  • Oral consultation (face-to-face or via conference call) to clarify the project parameters and discuss options for state support
  • Follow-up support: assistance in drafting documents, working out comments, conducting justifications, calculations
  • Preparation: study of industry programs and documentation on the state support provided at the federal level to enterprises of your type of activity
  • Written consultation: excerpts and links on the most appropriate state support tool, examples of approved applications, parameters that your business or project corresponds to

What kind of help can I get?

  • Grants for starting a business
    Please note that grants are targeted financing. That is, you can spend the issued money only for the purposes specified in the terms of issue. If you send a grant for something else, you will be forced to return the money and may be added to the "blacklist" - excluded from the list of candidates for state support in the future.
  • Loans at reduced rates
    You can get such a loan from MFIs of entrepreneurial financing working under state support programs. The conditions in them are more favorable than in ordinary commercial organizations. These loans are available not only to small and medium-sized businesses, but also to the self-employed.
  • Loan guarantee support
    If you need a loan to open or develop a business, you can go to a bank that provides loans with the support of regional guarantee organizations and the SME Corporation.
  • Loans at special rates
    Such loans are issued for specific purposes. For example, for investments in production - the purchase of new equipment or premises, reconstruction or construction of a workshop.
  • Subsidies
    Subsidies are money that federal, regional or local authorities allocate on a competitive basis for the purchase of equipment, raw materials or even something intangible, such as a patent. This is also targeted financing, which cannot be spent for other purposes.
  • Rental benefits
    To a greater extent, this applies to the lease of land for farmers, but there are programs under which you can rent a business premises on more favorable terms than private companies.
  • Discount on leasing
    Leasing companies of SME Corporations operate in many regions. In them, individual and small entrepreneurs can get equipment for leasing at preferential rates.
  • Training
    Free courses, trainings and seminars on business planning, taxes, marketing and much more. The Bank of Russia periodically conducts online training marathons for small businesses.

The stages of our interaction

Your message to us with a description of the issue
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Assignment of a legal consultant to you by the secretary of the expert department.
The specialist determines the form of necessary assistance and advice on the issue you are interested in.
Conclusion of the contract and provision of the service within the agreed time frame.

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